About Safer Illinois

Safer Illinois is the official COVID-19 app for the University of Illinois in Champaign County. The app provides resources to support community health and safety. While safeguarding your privacy, the app allows you to receive your virus test results, receive clear actionable next steps based on your test results, show building access status, and make contact with health response teams and health care providers. You can use the app to access information about test locations and COVID-19 guidelines for your county. A symptom checklist supports automated self-assessments. A Bluetooth-based exposure notification system warns of possible contact with infected individuals through anonymous proximity tracing.


The Safer Illinois app was developed for the University of Illinois by the Smart, Healthy Communities Initiative, Technology Services, NCSA, and Grainger College of Engineering Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Lead developers: John Paul and Sanjay Patel.

Valuable input was contributed by these internal collaborators:

Valuable input was contributed by these external collaborators:

Reviews have been conducted by these groups:

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